Jeroen van Barneveld, Senior IT Manager @ ING

“As manager Change Delivery Internet & Mobile I was fortunate to have Ad in my team of product owners. I have perceived Ad as a driven, enthusiastic, and skilled product owner, who knows how to get things done.
Ad is strong in balancing the interest of many stakeholders. He is business oriented with a strong focus on added value to the customer and combines this with affinity and knowledge of the IT solutions needed for that. He is very well able to bridge the gap between business and IT, with his technical knowledge and customer oriented approach. Ad has shown to be very persistent in getting the job done and an asset for every business manager who needs implemented IT solutions.”

Dr. Marc L. van der Veen, Programme director MSc Business Administration & Business Studies, Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam

“Een serieuze academische opleiding voltooien naast een baan is een pittige combinatie. Ik heb dan ook veel respect voor mijn studenten die werk en studie combineren. Ad Vrijsen deed er nog een paar schepjes bovenop door onze opleiding met een cum laude af te ronden. Dat is een uitzonderlijke prestatie. En daarbij is hij ook nog eens een bijzonder vriendelijke en sociale persoonlijkheid.”

Paul PM Witteman, Programme Director @ ING

“In the programme we worked together Ad was my senior advisor on subject matters, that were key for the success of the programme. His analytical skills, driving for solid understanding, being my conscious on the course of the programme made Ad very valuable to me and the programme. In his views Ad is very persisting to get to the bottom in a cooperative mode. He challenges your ideas to make them better. Further a hard worker that brings results.”

Ronald Capel MBA, IT Programme Director @ ING

“Ad combines analytical skills with creative solutions. Furthermore, he really gets the job done in a social but strict manner. He’s the type of manager that tells you upfront what you should expect. And having that said, he really helps the organization to make change happen. Many times I have relied on his advice and managerial skills to get things moving. I can certainly reccomend him to any organization in need for change in a non-conventional manner.”